Poisson Formula Football Prediction System.

Posted by 03/12/2019 Footbet

Wait, what, prediction? You can predict football matches? And what is Poisson, is it dangerous? First of all, chill. Poisson formula is not harmful, at least not to my knowledge and football matches are not exactly predictable  Here is the thing, predicting the behavior of over twenty people on the pitch is impossible.

In every match, players and refs bring their own physical and emotional baggage to the game, their performance is highly unpredictable. That’s why I don’t believe in sure bets. There’s no such thing. The gist of it is, you lose some you win some.

However, that being said, applying betting tools will greatly increase your chances of placing winning bets and that’s where I come in. Enter Footbet. I created a prediction system that will improve your odds for successful betting.

What is it?

Short answer: Poisson Formula approach to sports betting. Long answer: we don’t have the time for a Mathematics lesson. Google it, read it, understand it if you can, then come back here and use the tool to place your bets.

Ok, so where is it?

Right here: https://footbet.jtek.co.ke. One thing to note, you only need to load the page once. All predictions after the page load are done via javascript. No need to refresh.

The prediction data is updated twice or three times a week, or when our data source update on their end. The data is as fresh as the source raw data.

So where do you get the data from?

Our data is sourced from football-data.co.uk and every league listed in there is available for prediction. See the link below to get a clear guide on how everything comes together.

How do I use it

Usage is pretty straight forward but if you want to be difficult, there is a page here that will help you with the basics.

Credit where it is due

As already stated, the raw data comes from football-data.co.uk and since I am lazy, I implemented the prediction formula from an existing  project over at Github which you can see here.

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