FootBet: How does it work?

What is this wizardly?

So what is Footbet? It’s rocket science. Really, it is. Rumor has it that NASA uses the Poisson Formula somewhere in their orbital velocity calculations. Do not quote me on that. Rumors aside, this contraption uses the Poisson Formula to predict possible outcomes on a given match using historical data.

That being said, it is imperative to note that it’s not a sure bet. Nothing ever really is. It is impossible to predict what 22 (24 if you count the refs) people are going to do in the field.

Ok, so how do I use Footbet? Simple… type in your home team and away team in the appropriate fields and click predict. While typing, make sure to select the team as suggested in the autocomplete. The system will work only if the teams are in the prediction data. To eliminate the chance of running into a brick wall, first take off your sleeping mask and secondly, make use of the autocomplete feature. That ensures that you are working with teams from the leagues that we have the data for.

Team Names

If the team you’re after is not suggested by Auto-complete, either we do not have the data or there is a spelling mistake. Sometimes a team name is not spelled the same way as you would expect… That’s not solely on us, it’s the nature of the data we get. Just make sure to select the team you are looking for from the Auto-Complete suggestion. Otherwise, it won’t work. Also try typing a different variation of the team name to see if Auto-complete picks it up.

Footbet Supported Leagues

They are too many to list here (read: I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to list them), but they are available to view from the source here and here.

The tool can be found here.

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