By now, most of us in the flashing/unlocking business have come across Mediatek’s secure boot technology. It is not really that new, it’s just that most manufacturer’s have now adopted the use of secure chips for most of their devices. Most of the new MTK phones are equipped with secure boot chips and flashing/pattern/password/pin removal has become a bit of a headache. For whatever action you want to perform on secure boot devices, you’ll need a DA file. DA files(short for Download Agent) is basically the key that allows you explore the insides of your MTK SoC.

Smartphone Flash Tool

DA files were not a problem in the past as most flash tools were bundled with an all in one MTK DA bin file. A good example being the Smart Phone Flash Tool. The DA file load option has been available in SPFT since before I grew a beard and I have had a beard for close to a decade now.

So we have established that you need a DA file to flash a secure boot device and there are sites out there that host these DA files that you can download for free or some that charge a kidney for the rare DA files. What you don’t know is that you don’t need to download DA files for every device you come across. Before paying for DA files for a device you haven’t worked with before try a DA file of a device with the same SoC and see if your flash tool will work with it.

For instance, just prior to drafting this article, I used a DA file that works with itel A15, Tecno F1 and Tecno F2 to flash TECNO SA6s. The same DA file that someone had uploaded somewhere in a zipped file that you have to pay to get the zip’s password.

Long story short, try all your DA files for a new devices before downloading a new DA file. And when you find one that works with a device that isn’t common, don’t be a hard-ass, share the knowledge.

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