Here is a scenario, you have on your hands an MTK smartphone and as is the norm nowadays, the smartphone features a secure boot SoC. Now, that isn’t much of a problem if you have the DA file. Flashing, bypassing, backup is a breeze. There is no worry about soft brick, hard brick etc. you have your stuff and you know your stuff.

Now, let’s throw a rusty wrench into the works. You power down your device, you fire up your installation of miracle box, load the DA file to do a simple device info read. Pretty simple and safe, right? You’re not flashing anything, you just want to read the device info.

Cue the devil!

what's that you said about no soft brick?
Hello, you called?

The process starts but you’re suddenly faced with the Boot_Data error on miracle box. What the binary is going on? You decide to move on with your life because device info is not really that important, you can google it anyway. But there is slight problem, no matter how long you press the power button, your device won’t power on.

With sweat dripping down your temples, you realize you have bricked the device. Holy cow, what happens now? First of all, calm down. It’s just a soft brick, we can recover from it in no time but before we fix our mess, let’s backup up a bit, what happened?

Soft Brick

What happened is that you used a DA file that is 100% compatible with your device but 0% compatible with Miracle Box. I have come across this very error quite a few times with the aforementioned TECNO LA7 and every time I forgot not to use miracle box. I have had to revive this particular device every damn time. I am getting tired.

hell with it, i'll just stay with the soft brick
Man, I am getting too old for this shit.

The (tedious) fix.

It’s now time to solve our problems but brace yourself there is a bit of hardware work involved! For the device referenced herein, you’ll have to pry open the back cover because as luck would have it, the battery is built in. And for the fast learners among us, you already know what we have to do. I didn’t mention the battery for shits and giggles. We have to unplug the battery from the motherboard to fix the soft brick.


That’s it. For devices with removable batteries, this isn’t much of an issue, you pull out the battery, plug it back in and voila, device powers on. However, For the built in battery, unplugging the battery is problematic. If you don’t have the tools or you have two left hands, you’ll have to visit a repair shop.

Ok, so now that we have fixed the soft brick, you still have the problem you started with, password, frp, getting stuck on boot animation… How do you flash it if your miracle box is a no go? Try a different flash tool like SPFT. I have actually had success with Smart Phone Flashing Tool on this very device (TECNO LA7) with the same DA file that won’t work with Miracle Box.

Next time, maybe I will get into how you can bypass FRP with SPFT on Mediatek devices.

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