The last time we gathered here, I would like to think that we actually gathered, huddled and cuddled, just go with, we learned that I have a backlog of series that I need to watch and today I will talk about a few of those action packed, nudity filled episodes… eerr, sorry wrong blog. I mean, we learned fancy terms like Mediatek, Spreadtrum and Qualcomm. In this article, we will dive into the murky world of unethical stuff like bypass, crack, hack and nudity tools. Sorry, that last one was meant for a different audience. I mean phone flashing tools. Bear with me, I will get sidetracked from time to time, it’s a known medical phenomenon and there are people working on it, I think.

Anyway, before we bypass, hack and crack, we need to familiarize ourselves with the various flashing tools we need to get infiltrate our devices. That sounds a bit raunchy or maybe I just need to go out more but either way we will get to the bottom (bottom, really?) of things.

Here is the list of tools we will need: (links will be made available once you have sacrificed a sibling or parent to me or you can just scroll down to the end of this article to feast on the links, whatever works for you)

  1. Smartphone Flash.
  2. Miracle Box (cracked version because we cannot all afford these things).
  3. MTK Maui Meta 3G
  4. Drivers (We need these to make a connection to the device)

The list above is just the bare basics to get started. More tools will come along as we dig deeper into phone flashing and how to make money online at home. Wait, sorry that last part was meant for a spam site I am currently in the process of coding. Nothing to worry about, I will not look at your browser history. I will only steal your money. Regular stuff.

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A quick overview of the listed tools:

Smart Phone Flash ToolSmartphone Flash Tool
This one works on the Mediatek Platform and it’s primarily used to bring a dead smartphone back to life. It can also be used to upgrade an android device to a newer version, create a backup of the entire operating system and associated device data and also format a device. Formatting, (depending on what section of your phone you’re formatting may render your device temporarily –and sometimes permanently- unusable) when fixing a particular problem. We will come back to that later.

Miracle Box - Thunder Edition 2.82Miracle Box
This is a monster of a tool. It can do what the SP Flash Tool above can do and so much more. The tutorial on how to use this absolute badass of a tool may take as long as it takes George R.R. Martin to write a single chapter.




Maui Meta 3G/4GMTK Maui Meta
I use this tool for one thing and one thing only, IMEI repair. Keyword, ‘repair’. Sometimes you will power on your device and thanks to the dark lord hiding in your device, your MTK device will gleefully inform you that there is no service. So you are stuck there wondering why your phone is talking about no service when you haven’t ordered anything. So you shrug it off and take some nudes, a

hem, selfies. You try to send the said nudes but for some unexplainable reasons your device can’t connect to a service provider. It confounds you and you rush to your repair guy who after dialing *#06# informs you that your IMEI is corrupt. You immediately suspect the nudes, ahem, selfies are to blame but you won’t confess that to anyone not even the priest.

Umm, so MAUI META works on Mediatek devices to restore the device’s IMEI so that you can go back to whatever nefarious activities you were previously engaged in.

Drivers, contrary to popular belief, are not only found on our highways. We need drivers to do a variety of things on our PCs. For this tutorial we need drivers to connect our devices to flash tools. Each SoC has it’s own set of drivers necessary for flashing. The link below will download drivers you can use to flash almost every device imaginable with miracle box, SP Flash tool and many others. They are necessary for a connection to the PC.



In the folder, there are two setups for the miracle box above (which also work with SPFT) and two setups for Qualcomm SOCs. If you are on the 64bit platform, use the x86-x64 setup to install the drivers and the Qualcomm*-64bit setup to install drivers for Qualcomm devices. The names of the files is basically self explanatory, if you have basic understanding of the different operating systems bit versions. The miracle box setup will install drivers for SoCs on Mediatek, Spreadtrum and Coolsand platforms.

If you encounter driver install errors, such as a yellow triangle error on the driver name in device manager, use the DISABLE_DRIVER_SIGNATURE.cmd script to turn off driver signature verification and if at any point you want to revert signature changes, use the ENABLE_DRIVER_SIGNATURE.cmd script to roll back the state. It is all provided in the drivers download file.

Since I can already detect you are about to doze off, we will pick this up next time and do some practical work. Exciting stuff, I know. See you on the next one.

Miracle box 2.82 – Download

Smartphone Flash Tool – Download

Maui Meta – Download

Drivers – Download

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