Factory Reset protection (FRP) on Qualcomm SOCs can seem like a daunting task. That is if you don’t know what you are looking for. For Qualcomm, the FRP lock (or rather the email address that is signed into the device) is stored in the aptly named partition ‘config’.

To bypass the FRP lock, the ‘config’ partition is what you’ll need to wipe to complete the setup wizard. Follow the guide below and you’ll have your device working in less than 5 minutes.


  1. Windows PC – with Qualcomm drivers installed. See here.
  2. Miracle Box – download here
  3. Qualcomm powered device. For this tutorial, I will be using Infinix HOT 3 LTE.
  4. USB Cable.


1. Run Miracle box and select the ‘Qualcomm Tab’

Qualcomm FRP


2. Select ‘Read/Format Flash’ under Qualcomm then select ‘Read Partitions’



3. Power off your device, press vol+ & vol – and insert the PC connected USB cable to enter download mode. The method to boot download mode may vary from device to device. Do a google search to determine how to boot your device to download mode. You can release the volume buttons when device boots into download mode.

4. Right below ‘Read/Format Flash’ and to the right, there’s a ‘Port’ button. Click on it to load the device on the connected port. If successful, you will see something like in the image below:


4. Now click on the start button to ‘Read Partitions’. On a successful read, the partitions will be listed as shown below.


5. At this point, we are only interested in one partition. The ‘config’ partition. Deselect all partitions except the ‘config’ partition. You may have to scroll down to find the ‘config’ partition.

6. With the ‘config’ partition selected (only the config partition), click on ‘Wipe Selected’ as shown below and click on ‘Start Button’.


Wait for the wipe process to complete, then reboot your device. You will notice that the FRP problem is now gone.

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