I am posting this a proof of concept on how to factory reset and disable the M-Kopa service on Nokia 2.4 running android 10. This is purely educational, just like the D.light M100 article I posted a while back. The guide described herein should not be used to unlock stolen phones or otherwise illegally obtained devices.

That being said, let’s see how to reset the device and get around Mkopa.

Required tools and files:

  1. SamFirm AIO – used to disable secure boot da requirement on MTK devices:
  2. SP Flash Tool – used to factory reset the device:
  3. Factory Reset and MKOPA disable Files: download here

The process in its entirety is a tad too tedious to explain without visual aid and as such, I have put together a video with detailed steps and processes to finally disable the MKOPA service which you can watch on youtube or as embedded below.

Harvey J

About the author: Tech enthusiast, front-end developer, coder and a seemingly well adjusted guy. It, however, goes without saying that looks can be deceiving.

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