Here is a simple guide to bypass FRP on Huawei Honor 7c, Model number LND-AL30. It’s pretty straight forward. All you need is the latest version of Miracle FRP Tool or Miracle Thunder. For this tutorial I will be using Miracle FRP Tool.

Another requirement is the device’s loader mbn file. As of writing this neither of the above mentioned tools support the subject device out of the box which necessitates the loader to enable device connection to the tool.

The process

  1. Download the linked loader below.
  2. Remove SIM tray and then the back cover to reveal the motherboard.
  3. Connect the test points with a pair of tweezers as shown in the attached image below and connect the device to PC. You only need to hold the tweezer in place for a few seconds for the device to connect.
  4. Open Miracle Frp Tool and select the settings tab.
  5. Load the downloaded loader in the Qualcomm section of the tool.
  6. Go back to the unlock tab and on the Model section, select Qualcomm and on the port section, DESELECT the “Auto Detect Port” option. Assuming that the device connected to the pc successfully, select the “Qualcomm HS_USB QDLoader 9008” option.
  7. Finally click “Remove Frp Lock” and wait for the process to play out. When you see “process done”, reboot the device and voila, frp is reset.

If your preferred method of walkthrough is a video, I’ve got you covered. Here is the link or watch the same video embedded below.


Loader Link: Download Here

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