D.light M100 Frp PayJoy Removal

An unpaid D.light M100 is useless in your hands. Perhaps a relative left it behind and now you’re stuck with a smartphone you can’t use.

You think to yourself, I’m gonna reset it! Furiously you boot recovery and reset the device or as was my case, boot to recovery and see this:

Sorry, no reset is happening there… but don’t fret, you can still use the device. The video below describes the process to gain access to the device on no time. Watch till the end. It’s important you follow the instructions carefully to avoid bricking you device.


  1. Miracle Box / SP Flash Tool v5.1824
  2. D.light M100 flash file (see download link below)

The flash file will be provided to you at a cost of USD 5.00 payable through Paypal. If that presents an inconvenience, contact us and we’ll facilitate other means of payment.

Downloads: M100_Flash_Files

Harvey J

About the author: Tech enthusiast, front-end developer, coder and a seemingly well adjusted guy. It, however, goes without saying that looks can be deceiving.

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