Trying to factory reset Atouch Tab A7+ with power and volume keys is a fool’s errand. You will spend a ridiculous amount of time trying and achieve nothing in the end.

A workaround, however, is available provided you have a flash tool. Preferably not a cracked one. In this article we will utilise the power of Miracle Box. Get a version that supports iTel A11 and you’re good to go.

Wait, iTel A11? But the title says Atouch Tab A7+… You may ask but yes, that’s what you need.

Follow the video below to reset the device and you’ll be back to using the Atouch A7+ in no time.

Video URL:

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Quick guide:

  • Open Miracle Box (I’m using v3.12) and Select SPD Tab.
  • Select iTel on the “Brand” option and select “iTel A11” on the “Models” option.
  • On the Service sub-tab, click “Format”, leave everything else as is and click “Start Button”.
  • Connect the Atouch Tab A7+ to the PC by holding the Volume down button and insert USB cable.
  • Wait for the device to format and reboot. Don’t touch the device until it has completed the process and booted fully.

That’s all. Happy Flashing.

Harvey J

About the author: Tech enthusiast, front-end developer, coder and a seemingly well adjusted guy. It, however, goes without saying that looks can be deceiving.

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