PHONE FLASHING 101: How to Bypass FRP on Qualcomm devices with Miracle Box.

Factory Reset protection (FRP) on Qualcomm SOCs can seem like a daunting task. That is if you don’t know what you are looking for. For Qualcomm, the FRP lock (or rather the email address that is signed into the device) is stored in the aptly named partition ‘config’. To bypass the FRP lock, the ‘config’


The last time we gathered here, I would like to think that we actually gathered, huddled and cuddled, just go with, we learned that I have a backlog of series that I need to watch and today I will talk about a few of those action packed, nudity filled episodes… eerr, sorry wrong blog. I


Everything I have learned about phone flashing is self-taught. I have not attended a single class in the world of mobile software repair. Everything I know I learned from online resources such as what you are reading now. Problem is, there is no one-stop-shop for all phone software problems. You’ll find a developer focusing on

Working With One Secure Boot MTK DA File With Different Devices.

By now, most of us in the flashing/unlocking business have come across Mediatek’s secure boot technology. It is not really that new, it’s just that most manufacturer’s have now adopted the use of secure chips for most of their devices. Most of the new MTK phones are equipped with secure boot chips and flashing/pattern/password/pin removal has

Tecno W1 TWRP Recovery

To flash a custom rom, rooting with super su or flashing any non-factory zip files, factory reset without losing internal storage data, you need a custom recovery. You can even remove a password/pattern/pin if you know which file to mess with. Long story short here is a TWRP port for TECNO W1. Included in the


Are you stuck on the dreaded Setup Wizard after hard reset? Here is the DA File for Oukitel U22. Included in the download is a scatter file for whatever nefarious flashing you want to subject your device to. Happy flashing. LINK[MEGA]:

Neon VFD 320 DA FILE

The Neon VFD 320 is a relatively new device running the Android 8.1 Go version. The device spots a secure MTK chip and flashing or unlocking is impossible without its corresponding DA file. In this post you’ll find the DA File necessary to work on your device be it, unlocking, FRP Bypass, IMEI repair. I